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At sweet heart girls we love exploring the world so we want to share some quotes that we look at before we leave.










So next time your about to go on a holiday remember these quotes.



D.I.Y is always fun to do with friends so we’ve put down our top 4 cool D.I.Y projects to do with your friends below. Leave a comment below and maybe try some of these with your friends.

1. Makeup bag


*1/4 yard fabric for outside

*1/4 yard fabric for lining

*1/4 yard duck cloth for interfacing

*1 7″ zipper

*1″ of 1/4″ wide elastic

*downloadable pattern piece


Print out pattern piece and tape it together. Then cut out the following:

*2 pouch pieces of main fabric

*2 pouch pieces of lining fabric

*2 pouch pieces of interfacing

*1 rectangle 5″ by 10″

*2 rectangles 1 1/2″ by 3 1/2″

Stack one main piece and one lining piece right sides together. Then stack 1 interfacing piece on top of the backside of the main fabric. Sew along the top at 1/2″. Trim down. Then Press seam allowance toward lining and topstitch. Next press in half.  Now ,This makes one half of your bag. Repeat for the other side. Next Press in 1/2″ on either end of the little rectangle pieces. Then press in half. Trim off about 1/2″ on each end of the zipper. It should match the length of the bag piece.Pin your little pressed in rectangles over each end of the zipper. They should sandwich the zipper. Topstitch both ends in place. Now put zipper on bag piece with right sides together. Pin in place and sew up at 1/4″. Repeat on the other side. Open zipper and pin bag pieces together, right sides together. Sew all the way around at 1/2″. Serge or zig zag the seam allowance.Now pinch the bottom corners of the bag and pin. Sew 2 1/2″ from the corner.  Clip off the excess fabric and serge or zig zag seam allowance.Turn right sides out. Almost done! We just have to add the bow now. To make the bow, fold rectangle in half and sew one short edge and one long edge. Clip corners and turn right side out. Fold under 1/4″ on the open edge, pin and topstitch closed.Thread your little piece of elastic through the hole in the zipper pull. Sew it together. Thread your bow piece through it. And tie it in a knot.And then you’re done!

2. Painted camera strap

what you’ll need:
• 2 yds cotton webbing (we used 1 1/2 inch natural cotton)
• masking tape
• acrylic craft paint
• 2 swivel hooks (found in the jewelry or with purse handle section of most craft stores)
• fabric glue
• needle and thread
• metallic leather or vinyl (optional)

the steps:
• measure out the desired length of your strap and add 2 inches.
• on a work surface use tape to create a geometric design taking care to make sure tape is fully adhered to the webbing. We used the rounded side of a bone folder to smooth the edges on the tape to be sure our paint line were crisp.
• now the fun part, apply paint to webbing. Be sure paint is dry before attempting to remove tape. Watching paint dry is a skill that takes practice.

• now that your strap is looking amazing, slide the ends through the swivel hook giving yourself about an inch of strapping on the reverse side and glue. Be sure to give the hook a little bit of space to move when gluing.
• because you’re hanging your beloved camera around your neck add a few stitches to the glued area for good measure!
** small side note, if you have a rather heavy DSLR you may want to choose a wider strapping than what you can fit through the hardware of the swivel hook. To accommodate this we used a piece of metallic leather to create an adapter that we then glued and sewed to the end of the painted strap.

3. Manson jar snow globe

What you’ll need:
Any jar that seals
Distilled Water
Liquid Glycerin
Epoxy/Crazy Glue

(Ask your parents what his is)

Using the Crazy Glue, attach your figurines to the lid of the mason jar. Let them dry completely. (I waited 24 hours to be sure.)

Next, fill your jar almost to the top with distilled water. Add a dash of liquid glycerin (this is used to make the glitter fall more slowly). The amount is glitter you add is sort of at your own discretion. I ended up experimenting and some of mine have a lot of glitter and some don’t. Jordan’s has a ton. 😉 Screw the cap on tightly and shake your jar to get the glitter moving. And your done.

4.Word hairpins

So, maybe I have a little thing lately for some European salutations. Or, maybe after the ‘Bonjour’ doormat, I felt compelled to redeem myself! Regardless, I’m not usually one for sweet, girly things, but something about the warmer weather and the impending summer makes me yearn for more bright, cheery, feminine details in my life. I have had these hairpins on my editorial calendar forever and kept pushing them back because I didn’t want to take that next step into wearable DIYs (read: fashion), but after such an amazing response to my little Hong Kong fashion challenge, I am so excited to share with you a sweet accessory DIY today. This project takes just a few common items and can be done for less than just a couple cents each. That’s right… a couple of cents.

These lacquered message hair pins are made from just a few really simple things… alphabet pasta and nail lacquer. That’s right. This is mature pasta art at it’s best.

A lot different than the noodle art you made back in school, right? I’m thinking that the possibilities could be endless here! Monograms, names, funny words… unfortunately, pasta art doesn’t come with hashtags, or else I would have definitely done something with those. A nice, classic LOL would be darling however (can you hear my sarcasm?)

Keep on reading for step by step photos and steps to complete this darling DIY.

ONE place just a dab of superglue (enough for just one letter) on the straight side of the bobby pin, near to the curved edge. TWO using tweezers, place a letter into the dab of glue. Repeat with all of the letters in your word. Pin onto the side of a pieces of cardboard or poster board to dry. THREE after the glue is very dry (about an hour), paint with the lightest layer of nail polish. It’s best to do 2 very thin coats instead of one thicker one.

The darker, brighter colors worked best. I actually tried a round with the very light pink shade photographed below, but it didn’t look great. The coral and magenta turned out well though and really showed off the letters! A mint green or yellow would also be amazing!It’s just a tad tedious, but I think the end process is worth it! They turned out cuter than I’d anticipated and I can’t wait to make a couple more. I think I’m going to do a few funny words, maybe a little swearing, but with the sweetness of the end product, a little curse word will be ironic and humorous.

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